Panels & WGs

Panels & WGs

SH&BA has 4  Market Sector Panels which meet on a regular basis at about 2 month intervals. These are:

Energy and Built Environment Panel;

Health & Wellbeing Panel;   Next Meeting 19th October 2017

Retailers & Manufacturers Panel;  Next meeting 14th November 2017

Security and Technology Panel;

Please see our News and Events page for all of the upcoming dates for our Panels and Working Groups.

Understanding, Thinking, Planning and Doing.

SH&BA aims to deliver understanding of the market and technology around Smart Homes and Buildings. It hopes to ensure it’s members are aware of new products and are able to benefit from that knowledge.

In order to do this SH&BA created “Development and Policy Panels” whose main objective is to bring together streams of knowledge from many different sectors and deliver ideas for services, products and projects in the context of the whole Smart Homes and Buildings market.

Many of the ideas need multiple skills to develop and this is where Working Groups will be formed. The Working Groups concentrate on specific projects or are tasked by the panels to develop ideas and resolve issues. Working groups will be formed to concentrate on a specific issue, service or product.

Both the Panels and Working Groups cover sectors such as energy and sustainability, assisted living and wellbeing, future smart cities security and technology. Work is being undertaken on standards and an interoperability ecosystem exploring how this utilises the cloud, the internet of things and the future internet.

The advantage of this approach is that it gives members of SH&BA a wide overview of the whole picture of Smart Homes and Buildings while enabling them to concentrate on developing products and services for themselves in their chosen sector, confident that their work will be complementary.

The Panels and Working Groups will deliver new products and services, projects and a wide range of reports.

Documents and Papers

It is expected that the panels and their members will create a number of papers and strategy documents and each year will produce an annual report on their activities.

Meeting Venues

The Panel and WG meetings will be held in London if at all possible. Where SH&BA has to use commercial meeting rooms, it will pass the delegate day rate on to each person attending. All meetings will be booked online and will have at least 28 days notice.

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The Panels

Health & Wellbeing Special Interest Panel (H&WB SIG)

Where we live, work and learn can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. From a healthy home environment to the design of public spaces and access to community resources, there are many ways our environment contributes to a longer and healthier life.

Ideally, as people age (or if they have physical or cognitive impairments) they should be looked after in their familiar home surroundings. The homes and buildings that people spend most of their time in should be adjustable to the circumstances of their health and wellbeing. They should be adaptable to accommodate impairment and ageing.

The purpose of the Health and Wellbeing panel is to accelerate and extend the national debate between all stakeholders involved in the creation and use of Caring Homes and the associated policies around them. Concerned with the health of the people inside the buildings, the premise is simple: wellbeing doesn’t begin at 65, it is something we need to consider all of our adult lives.

This planning is complex however, and involves multiple stakeholders including architects, builders, care providers and individuals. It is not confined to new build as 80% of the housing stock in this country will still be in use in 50 years’ time, so refurbishment and renewal is an important consideration. In addition, in support of the NHS Five Year Forward View, this improved home environment must enable a new model of care whereby individuals are incentivised to self-care at home, where more care is delivered by the statutory services at home.

Another aspect of this panel is the promotion of the assisted living ready home. The building industry has long since built houses that are incompatible with peoples assisted living needs. Most public areas, shops or commercial premises must have wheelchair access, but the same cannot be said for all homes! For this reason, listing requirements for homes in which everyone can grow old safely is an essential objective for the Panel.

The Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Panel is chaired by Director of SH&BA, Dr Richard Curry.

The next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Panel will be held in London of the 19th October 2017. Details to be circulated shortly.

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The Caring Home

SH&BA’s Health and Wellbeing panel in conjunction with Portsmouth University has developed the concept of the Caring Home. It describes what is required and identifies what needs to be done to reach the goal of all homes being ‘Caring Homes’.

One strand of the panel is to pursue and develop a consultation document entitled “The Caring Home”. This work is led by Dr Richard Curry, SH&BA Director. This work is now being reviewed by stakeholder groups.

Last year the panel prepared input for the “The Caring Home” Conference, a meeting at The Royal Society of Medicine held in London on 24th November 2015. One of the major issues that emerged from this conference was how much more work needs to be done before Caring Home are widely available and the security issues surrounding the Caring Home (see Security Panel for more details).

A Caring Home is a combination of a smart (or connected) home coupled with adaptations and remote care services, all of which are configured to meet the needs and wants of the resident. The Caring Home is part of a care eco-system with facilities ranging from relevant care information sources to response services. In turn, this eco-system should be part of a smart neighbourhood.

Take part in the Health and Wellbeing Panel

The next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Panel will be on March 9th at the Business Design Centre in London. SH&BA Members attend free; non members pay £50.00 to cover the day delegate costs. Members will be advised the discount code. Joining instructions will be given on registration.


Health and Wellbeing Projects


Members of this panel were involved in the successful application for the Long Term Care Revolution Project CHIRON under SBRI. CHIRON is a fully funded £2.16 Million project that will  deliver intelligent power assisted systems to help people live better and longer at home. The system will be modular, intuitive and simple enough for people, their families and carers to use without complex instructions.

The panel will represent one way in which the project can be influenced by a wide range of stakeholders. SH&BA (2016) is a partner in this project and this work is led by Dr Richard Curry.

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chiron project

Security and Technology Panel

Achieving the correct balance of security is vital to preventing damage to the systems that provide us with the lifestyle we expect in our modern homes.
As it is certain that some smart homes will be compromised by cyber attack at some time in the future, liability for damages when home and building systems are compromised has become an important issue for retailers and manufacturers whose products may be implicated in an attack.

While the emphasis of SH&BA is around smart homes, the buildings aspect is also important. One of the main issues for the Security Panel lies in its focus on product security and the issues this has for manufacturers and retailers. This also has significant implications for building systems and especially legacy BMSs where HVAC and building controls could be seriously at risk as IOT becomes ubiquitous. BMS providers could usefully attend the Security Panel.

The SH&BA Security Panel fills a major gap in knowledge dissemination around cyber-security in Smart Homes & Buildings and all the associated products and services that suppliers provide to their customers. IimagesOO7RLGONt examines the risks and their potential consequences and will set out projects of information dissemination and provide advice to all stakeholders. The panel looks very hard at projects in this area and will potentially work with government to identify ways of preventing or mitigating the potential issues that allow cyber crime. The Security Panel is chaired by Colin Robbins of Qonnex.

Take part in the SH&BA Security Panel

The SH&BA Security Panel should be of value to all organisations working in and around Smart Homes & Buildings. We are aiming to raise awareness and understanding of all the issues around security and cyber-security which new technology such as the Internet of Things makes ever more relevant. We aim to help all stakeholders understand how to make Smart Homes and Buildings and their associated services secure, and how to provide better services to their customers or communities. It is expected that the outputs from this panel will be of value to all stakeholders and their products and services either in providing or receiving them.

Last November the panel promoted a successful conference on security in the smart home which covered all the issues that people need to consider when buying, selling or manufacturing products and services for this area. At the conference we also delivered a take away booklet “Cyber Essentials at Home” for retailers and consumers. At the next meeting of the panel, we plan to review and update this document in the light of comments received and reissue it. We expect to distribute the booklet for retailers selling into the smart home industry.

The next meeting of the Security Panel will be in Summer 2017  in Central London (date to be advised). SH&BA Members attend free; non members will need to pay £50.00 to cover the day delegate costs. Please recheck this page or see News & Events for updated details on this event.

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Retail and Manufacturers Panel

The first Retailer & Manufacturer Panel took place on 15th November 2016 and a large cross-section of the Smart Home Industry were present for this event – Retailers: Amazon, DixonsCarphone, Maplin, ShopDirect Distributors: Brightstar, Data Select, Exertis, Maxiim, Tech Data, Thames Distribution Manufacturers: Awox, D-LINK, Delta Dore, digitalSTROM, Fibaro, Hauppauge, LightwaveRF, Myfox, Neato Robotics, Netatmo, Samsung, Sengled, Tado, TP Link Other: CONTEXT, Consumer Lab, Direct Line Group, Home Hub Installations, The Mustard Concept.

Further details about the event are available on request from Adam Simon, Global Managing Director of CONTEXT and Director of SH&BA, chair of the panel. Please email

See Press release at

The next Retailers and Manufacturers Panel will be held in London on Tuesday 14th November from 10.30 until around 15.30.

In a constantly evolving technological market, the manufacturers of smart home products are under constant pressure to deliver products that are both  innovative and exciting, yet also safe, reliable, interoperable and user friendly with cyber security and privacy in mind.

The Retail and Manufacturers Panel is designed to bring together leading industry players and help them understand the issues, identify new opportunities for products and services and its various routes to market. The Panel is chaired by Adam Simon of CONTEXT who has extensive experience in managing and reporting on large data sets and provide access to the highest quality data in the retail sector. Adam was instrumental in setting up the cyber security conference held by SH&BA in November last year.

Take Part in the SH&BA Retail and Manufacturers Panel

The SH&BA Retail and Manufacturers Panel is a vital source of market and business intelligence for all retailers and  manufacturers who market to people living in smart homes (and for facilities managers of smart buildings). At the panels you will have the opportunity to learn about what people want, what the issues and benefits are and how best to deliver products into this rapidly growing marketplace. SH&BA is a neutral meeting environment and encourages input from a wide range of industries and organisations so it is perfect for networking, growing new ideas, creating projects and products and just understanding the sector.


As previously, the panel will exchange information which is valuable to the growth of the smart home sector. In this group we welcome those who are directly involved in the selling and retailing of smart home products and services – retailers, distributors and manufacturers. We also welcome end users involved in energy management and the care sector as looking after our ageing population has major national economic significance and is a growing market for the smart home sector.

The chair of the Retail & Manufacturing panel is Adam Simon, and any questions about the event can be addressed directly to him at

Three main topics will be addressed:

  • Steve Moore, Director of Connected Home at DixonsCarphone, will give insight into their recent JV with SSE – what does this mean for smart home?
  • Theunis Scheepers, Principal Business Development Manager for Alexa Voice Service, will present the opportunities for using the Echo and Alexa Skills for building healthy living solutions in the home
  • A representative of the DIY industry will present on how DIY is growing the smart home category
  • And our hosts, the IET, will give a brief input on “The business case for distributed DC (Direct Current) in the Smart Home”.

REGISTRATION is free to SH&BA members but £100.00 (+ VAT) for non Members.  If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up and benefit from free admittance to this and future events. Applications can be made at

For more info on upcoming panels, please go to News & Events.

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The Energy Panel

The Energy & Utilities Panel is concerned with smart metering, smart grids and smart energy management. It is concerned with the identification of energy performance in buildings and indications for refurbishment. It looks more clearly at how energy is used in buildings, how it can be preserved and how systems such as the smart grid and smart metering can contribute to this together with home systems that seek to reduce the energy consumption.

The panel follows the progress of the UK’s smart metering roll out in order look to see how their systems can help consumers optimise their energy use. It is concerned with energy use by communities and businesses in local areas such that all the existing and future energy systems can be integrated and combined in ways to lessen their energy bills, increase their energy security and as possible to lessen their CO2 emissions.

Issues we are covering are, for example: In the UK power  generation is unlikely to be sufficient to maintain a secure supply in the near future, can local energy systems manage their systems to keep their lights on?


In general, there will be a focus on energy management, new types of ESCO, energy aggregation and the opportunities these provide. For instance “what is the ESCO of the future?”.  We are also aware that potentially the UK could reduce its energy bill for homes and buildings through proper insulation, refurbishment and energy management and lessen the amount of energy used on heating in the domestic built environment by as much as 50% and that this could save up to £30 Billions per year by 2050 (and allow the UK to avoid building unnecessary unclear power stations). Of course there has to be a political will for this.

Energy Panel related Projects

SH&BA and its members have been working on two recent projects in this area.
IODiCUS, which covers Urban Local Energy Systems, and ‘FARMERS’ covering Rural Community Energy systems. The Panel also receives the latest intelligence on what is happening in the energy market, on government policy and how best to lessen to cost to consumers, private, commercial and industrial alike.

Take Part in the Energy Panel

The SH&BA Energy will be valuable for anyone involved in the energy and utility market and for all those who provide services into it. The panel will provide an overview of current status and potential trends in the energy industry and we expect that there will be opportunities for networking, identification of new projects and products and ultimately a greater understanding of what is happening in the energy industry.

The next meeting of the Energy Panel will be held in Summer 2017. For more up to date information please recheck this page at a later date, or go to News & Events.

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Future Panels

Built Environment Panel

Built Environment – From Summer 2017 we will running a “How a Smart House is built” or more possibly what is needed to make an existing house Smart in terms of materials and energy saving technology and anything else that tomorrow’s new and existing housing stock will need to be properly refurbished. It will also look at Smart Cities and Sustainability for Cities and the built environment in general.

In late Summer SH&BA will hold the Built Environment Panel. For more information, please see News & Events.

Technology Panel

The technology Panel aims at delivering understanding of the technology and issues of providing smart systems for smart homes and buildings including their communication inside the building and with the outside world.

The smart technology landscape now includes a plethora of smart devices and intelligent systems in our homes and buildings and these extend to our cars and the phones in our pockets or handbags. All of these interact with each other and with various cloud data management repositories and these form a large part of the Internet of Things (IoT) the whole being a complex system of multiple communication. The Technology Panel aims to help understand some of the issues and the standards that underlie the technology.

Any communication path that moves information and instructions from A to B runs a risk of that communication being subverted and changed and this is an area of risk that Cyber Security has to the systems of Smart Homes and Buildings. While this is covered by the Security Panel, there is a strong link into the Technology Panel.

We would like to organise a Technology Panel if there is appetite for it in the latter part of 2017.

If you are not a paid up SH&BA member sign up on the SH&BA Membership Page and/or email for the URL for FREE registration.

For more information on Technology Panel events, please see News & Events.

Ongoing Panel Meetings into 2017

SH&BA will be holding its panel meetings on a regular basis (generally every 3 months).

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