SH&BA Membership is open to any organisation or individual whose interests are in the area of Smart Homes and Buildings and systems, services and products for them. SH&BA has a strong interest in what people want and need, in the many market sectors feeding services to the home and the technology that makes them work and especially in Interoperability and an Interoperability Ecosystem. For 2017 we are increasing the Membership ratess as follows:

Key membership

This membership is for organisations with a key role in Smart Homes who have a strong interest in the sector and who may wish to influence the direction of the association. Member organisations receive free access for up to 8 personnel at any one time from the key organisation to attend SH&BA events at reduced costs or free of charge, a newsletter, information, website, membership of SH&BA panels. One person from a Key Member organisation may apply to serve on the SH&BA Board. From 6th April this will be £1,000 + VAT

Company Membership

Standard Membership of SH&BA is designed for organisations with a number of personnel and allows up to 3 people from the member to receive free access to events, a newsletter, information, website, membership of SH&BA panels. From 6th April this is £400 + VAT

Academic Membership (HEI)

To encourage Universities to take part in SH&BA their subscription rate is now set at the same as the individual rate upto 2 people from a university at any one time may attend meetings.

Individual Membership

Individual membership of SH&BA allows a person to be involved in the activities of SH&BA and attend some events free of charge. It includes a newsletter, information, website and membership of SH&BA panels. Individual membership is for one named person and is not transferable. From 6th April this is £200 + VAT

Government Membership

This membership class is for people in Central or Local Government, government agencies such as Innovate UK, KTN-UK or LEPs, Charities and Not for Profit organisations. The cost is set to enable SH&BA to cover its costs of managing the membership. Membership is for one individual to attend Panel meetings and Conferences either free or at reduced rates. From 6th April this is £100 + VAT.

Until 6th April the current rates apply.

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Becoming a Member

To become a member of SH&BA, please complete the form below. Tick one option for payment and then if appropriate use the correct PayPal PAY NOW Button to pay your subscription. Note. Membership runs from the month when your subscription payment is received for 12 months.

Organisation Type Subscription (+VAT)
Key Member £1,000 (£1,200)
Company Member £400 (£480)
Individual Member £200 (£240)
HEI or Academic or NFP Organisation £200 (£240)
NGOs, Government £100 (£120)

All subscriptions run for 12 months from month of payment.

(Note that Paypal does not send you a receipt but SH&BA will)

Members of SH&BA must abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. The Memorandum and Articles can be downloaded from here.
For Membership and other information about SH&BA (2016) please contact SH&BA Secretariat:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1379 890 442
or email:

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