Next SH&BA Health and Wellbeing Panel on the 9th March – Issues for action


Ideally, it is a house that is designed from the start to look after the people that will live in it regardless of their health and condition. So the Caring Home will be warm and comfortable, it will be easy and cheap to keep warm, it will be ready for all the smart systems that the smart home will use including the remote delivery of care services and it will be future proof.

However, we don’t live in an ideal world. Even in 15 years’ time, more than 95% of homes built by then will have already been built today. Most recent houses are built with scant regard for anyone bar the young or early middle aged and fit. Everyone would like to live in a Caring Home, but as yet there is little interest from house builders to support this demand or create home improvement systems where homes could be “refurbished” to the Caring Home level of comfort and safety.


Firstly we need to identify exactly what we all want from our Caring Home and then set a Caring Home “standard”. Secondly we must identify by what amount the home delivers in terms of its Caring Home standard rating. We can also compare this with additional cost for the occupants or their care providers of them not being in a Caring Home. These costs will fall increasingly heavily on the NHS, the social care system or relatives. It’s in almost everybody’s interest to do something but there needs to be a clear lead.

Over the next series of Panel meetings the Health and Wellbeing Panel will help define a Caring Home standard and in conjunction with the Built Environment Panel get to grips with the costs of refurbishment and the cost penalty of NOT having a Caring Home to live in.

So take part in the next Health and Wellbeing Panel on the 9th March 2017


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The SH&BA Health and Wellbeing Panel should be of value to all organisations working in and around Health and Social Care, those that deliver products and services to them and Consumer Groups with an interest in the services that Local Authorities and the NHS provide to people. We are aiming to raise awareness and understanding of new technology such as the Internet of Things and help Health and Care providers deliver better services to their communities. It is expected that the outputs from this Panel will be of value to all stakeholders involved in Social Care and Health either in providing or receiving them.

Registration is free to SH&BA members but £50.00 (Inclusive of VAT) for non Members. We encourgate you to become a member of SH&BA at


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