Next Health and Wellbeing Panel Meeting on 9th March 2017


The Health and Wellbeing Panel is concerned with the health and wellbeing of people in the buildings in which they live and work. Our premise is that wellbeing doesn’t begin at (say) 65 but is something that people need to consider for all of their adult lives.

Because SH&BA is concerned with the whole environment of the home and of smart communities, the focus is to understand the latest trends and development in the delivery of wellbeing, care and health and its interface with the “Smart” home and the opportunities offered by state of the art communications and sensing technology. It aims to reach beyond the existing rather closed Health Care / Social Care environment to ensure that health and social care professionals and ultimately the end users and their families and friends benefit from the holistic environment.

In previous meetings we have been working on a Consultation paper “Principles for Housing Wellness” – “How to continue living better” which were presented and made available at the “The Caring Home” – Conference last year.

With the increasing financial stress on social care and the issues that the NHS has with coping with the elderly, enabling people to care for themselves at home is becoming a national priority.


SH&BA in conjunction with Portsmouth University, has further developed the concept of the Caring Home to describe an improved home environment in which individuals are incentivised to self-care at home, and more care can be delivered by the statutory services at home. At Whitehill & Bordon where 3,500 homes are currently being built SH&BA is working with East Hants District Council and other stakeholders to include some of the ideas that are part of the Caring Home. In the CHIRON project SH&BA is working with the consortium partners to develop a prototype home-based robot care assistant.

SH&BA would like to invite you to attend this meeting to hear about:
•    Progress that has been made with the development and dissemination of the concept of the Caring Home
•    Work with the Whitehill and Bordon Healthy New Town programme
•    Involvement in the CHIRON project to investigate robots in the home for elder care
……………..and to contribute to the work going forward.
The meeting will be chaired by Richard Curry of SEHTA and Richard Foggie – KTN – UK
The agenda will follow these points:

•    Introductions
•    The Caring Home   Richard Curry
•    Whitehill and Bordon Healthy New Town programme
•    The CHIRON Project   Nigel Harris
•    Healthcare update   Richard Foggie
•    AOB

Looking forward, we will be investigating how voice activation systems such as Amazon’s Alexa and Echo will make it easier for people to manage their own care. CHIRON is already starting to utilise Alexa for controlling their future care robots and the possibilities of the conversational abilities of such systems to deliver contact and intelligent presence and thus stimulation, motivation and reassurance for the isolated elderly are immense.


Please register HERE


The SH&BA Health and Wellbeing Panel should be of value to all organisations working in and around Health and Social Care, those that deliver products and services to them and Consumer Groups with an interest in the services that Local Authorities and the NHS provide to people. We are aiming to raise awareness and understanding of new technology such as the Internet of Things and help Health and Care providers deliver better services to their communities. It is expected that the outputs from this Panel will be of value to all stakeholders involved in Social Care and Health either in providing or receiving them.

Registration is free to SH&BA members but £50.00 (Inclusive of VAT) for non Members. We encourgate you to become a member of SH&BA at


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